Station: 06

Atelier Plinganserstr. 23, Eingang über Sackgasse Oberländerstr., vor der Treppe rechts im Hof barrierefrei: nein
barrierefrei: nein


Telefon: 0897254122
Handy: 004315117617966

Schmuck und Textiles Above all I like working with my hands I make uncommon pieces for uncommon people. All my creations are designed and hand-shaped with passion and love for the superior. Sometimes they adorn the body, sometimes they comfort the soul, My ambition is working with different kinds of fabrics, unusual techniques and creating combinations of colours and looks, sometimes rather freaky, sometimes classic for the big appearance. I don`t like to copy myself so I prefer working individual items.I also source vintage and one of a kind jewellery to built an interesting new design.