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Daiserstraße 9, Keller
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Alemannic Appalachian Art Alliance

Frag And Synth Frag Fragging, deliberate killing of an unpopular member of one’s own fighting unit Synth synthetic humanoid, or musical synthesizer For us, the fragment stands as a example of the non-existence of a totality. Art products being commodities that veil the labor relations which go into their production, we prefer to show the fragments as an example of the impossibility of a totalizing point of view. Likewise, we view artistic synthesis as a rejection of the very autonomy we are trying to create. Process and Fragment are what each person has in relation to their labor, and so an art produced on this basis, rather than one founded in well-articulated metaphors and allegories of large movements in society. Today, all life has been given over to this sort of objectivity. The difficulty now is producing something that might resemble a subject.