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Rhyme, meter, acoustic serendipities, a visual geometry of the page, a topography of the letter. All these structures and more are called forth by Poetry as barricades to employ against speech itself.
Y’allfrmrayoundhar? Whosherdayddy? Gott’gitanewbartryfermpkuptruck. Whimmydiddles n’such.

Neither Art nor Poetry cannot be defended on the basis of a freedom which they possess, since their very movement is the infinite circulation around the concept of free speech in time. In this way, the existence of Art and Poetry renders free speech immobile, static, frozen in time. Conceptually, one may possess poetry or free speech, but not both. Materially, it is clear which one exists in the world.

Whail Jayke com Raound, an luck raound, an waent pik pik pik pik, an sawled thet, an ee fund a scald, an iter ina poke all sigogglin an such!